About us

Lempi Lifestyle Story

Lempi Lifestyle is an interior and lifestyle store put together with love. We want to offer our customers a delicious mix of Mediterranean warmth, Scandinavian freshness, a sprawling boho feel and especially everyday small joys and good feelings.

Our selection of products is from our own brand's collection, such as various textiles, ceramics and candles. You will also find products that make everyday life happy for our retailers.

We design our products in Finland together with our customers and the Lempi team. We follow the complete journey of our products from the beginning. For example, our beloved Blankets are made with our own sewing fabric in Turkey. It is important for us to take good care of both our products and our Lempi family.

The origin of our story goes back to our family's holiday trip to Turkey in 2018, where we brought back home our first hammam towels. In use, the love only deepened for these towels, which are beautiful, light, drying and 100% cotton. We said goodbye to thick terry towels!

The first Lempi Lifestyle store was opened in June 2020 in Pori. Our delightful Lempi Lifestyle stores are currently located in Pori, Seinäjoki, Raisio, Vantaa and Vaasa. Our favorite family has grown fast and has gained wonderful new people. Our collaboration inspires us and is an important part of us. Join us on the journey!